Absences and Special Leave

​​Student Absence

Parents are requested to phone the school between 8.00am and 9.00am to report the sickness of their child. Tel 035 6729934. A message can be left on voicemail (035 6729934). Parents may also report sickness by e-mail: s.thornton@atscholen.nl. We recommend you CC the Deputy head and the mentor. 

If the sickness continues parents should update the school on daily basis. In all cases of illness, students must report to the student services office immediately upon return to school, and hand in a letter from their parents stating the duration of the illness. This must be done before the first teaching period of the day for that student. They will then be given a card permitting them to attend lessons again.

In cases of longer absence, parents must request such an absence in advance, in writing to the School Principal, Mr. Glyn Jones, g.jones@atscholen.nl. As a general rule, students are not permitted to take time off outside official school holidays.

Students who become ill during school hours must go to the student services office and arrange to see the student services manager to collect a green card. This should be signed by their parent and returned to the student services office upon their return to school. No student should leave the school before the office is informed except in an emergency situation.​

In the event of absence from school for a reason not related to illness (e.g. family funeral of a near relative, special family anniversary) parents must request permission from the Principal in writing well before the event. The school is bound to uphold the rules and guidelines laid down by the authorities and will report persistent cases of lateness, illness and unexplained absence.​

Click here for the Absence Policy of the school

Special Leave​

In the event family circumstances require a special leave for a student, the parent must request this in writing and well in advance by sending a letter or e-mail to the Principa​l​ of the school. ​Parents must bear in mind that the Dutch education authorities only allow schools to grant permission for requests of this nature under set conditions. 

​For the full student absence registration and prevention ​​policy click h​e​​re​.​​