Mission Statement

We will be recognised as a successful International School that strives to develop academically skilled and reflective individuals with an appreciation for diversity. Students are encouraged to discover a personal vision and a strong set of values. We offer a supportive environment that gives the whole school community the opportunity to embrace challenges and contribute positively to an ever-changing world.

Learning Through Diversity


Staff and students are committed to an effusive learning environment which produces:

  • thoughtful students, with ambition, who are critical and creative thinkers
  • life-long learners
  • responsible world citizens
The school community shall:
  • celebrate diversity
  • provide a secure yet challenging environment which promotes active, student-centred learning
  • foster respect for the individual and for cultural diversity
  • nurture personal growth and responsibility
  • offer every student the opportunity to fully develop his or her potential.
  • enable students to maximise achievements through a variety of educational experiences.