Mission Statement


Learning thro​​ugh Diversity​​


Integrity - Compassion – Ethics​

We are a school that celebrates learning through diversity; striving to develop academically skilled, resilient and reflective individuals. Students are encouraged to discover a personal vision and a strong set of values through student-driven action that recognises the need to act in a principled way and with empathy. We offer a supportive and safe environment that provides the whole school community with the opportunity to embrace challenges and contribute positively. We are optimistic and inspired to become responsible content creators and in this we are thinkers and makers, not just followers. Integrity, compassion and ethical choices are the drivers of our decision making.​


We believe in time prioritised to allow for deeper thinking


We model healthy relationships in our welcoming, inclusive community


We build physical and virtual environments that encourage sustainable choices


We take principled action as a result of our learning


We have high academic expectations to facilitate exceptional outcomes


We develop critical thinking and learning through routines


We question, explore and transfer knowledge through language and process learning


We encourage a risk-taking mindset that embraces all learning as opportunities for development