Admissions Policy

​​​​The International Stream attempts to accommodate:

  • Students with a non-Dutch passport where one or both of the parents are temporarily employed in The Netherlands.
  • Students of Dutch nationality who have been educated (in English) outside the Netherlands for a period of two years or more.
  • Students whose parents are in​tending to move abroad within the coming two years and who can therefore demonstrate a particular need for an international education.

In all cases, the student will need to be of the correct academic level to be admitted. Admission is open to students who can profit from a challenging, international, university preparatory education offered in the English language. The International School Hilversum aims to guide its students towards the IB Diploma. Therefore, the academic programme is demanding, with a strong languages component. Most of the students enter colleges, universities or other educational training programs after graduation.

The education in grades 6-9 is structured, however, to accommodate a somewhat wider range of academic abilities. In general, the school cannot offer programs for students with significant learning disabilities who require specialist teachers, for those who have behavioural or emotional difficulties or for those local students who have been unsuccessful in other institutions and simply want to try an alternative.

Students applying for the Diploma Programme courses will have to indicate through previous achievement their ability to cope with rigorous academic work. Exceptions to the age guidelines are made infrequently and only then upon careful evaluation.

In keeping with the philosophy of international education, the International School Hilversum does offer places to students who do not yet have fluency in English, but who can demonstrate a need for international education. This may be the case when for example parents come to The Netherlands to work and the student has little or no alternative because of the language barrier or their personal situation.

To be allowed to complete the programme, the student in this case must acquire sufficient language skills within a reasonable period of time and demonstrate academic ability. Enrolment is possible at any time during the school year providing space is available. In order to place students as accurately as possible when entering the school a Maths and English entrance test is often administered. A fee of €150, to cover necessary material and administration costs will be charged.

Grade placement depends on an evaluation of the student´s transcript of previous academic results and his or her ability to function in English. Although English is the language of instruction and communication in the school, a limited number of students enter the school without fluency in the language.

​In grades 7 and 8 the needs of students with little English language base are accommodated for two periods per week in special EAL classes in addition their regular classroom work. It is the aim of the EAL teacher to bring students to a workable standard as quickly as possible.

Find more information in our Inclusion Po​licy document​ 

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Bilingual Stream

The bilingual stream attempts to accommodate Dutch students who leave Dutch primary education with a signed VWO-advice given by the primary school. Their programme is taught in both English and Dutch during the first four years. Latin is taught as an extra challenge. Students who apply for the bi​lingual stream will be invited (with their parents) for a personal interview to check their ambition and motivation. The bi​lingual programme runs parallel to the international stream and the Dutch VWO programme. Students follow the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) for four years. After this they may enter the Diploma programme joining the international students.​

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